If you are having trouble using Tabman, please check out this document to see if you can resolve any problems that you’re having. If not please raise an issue.


Automatic Insetting

Tabman is designed to automatically inset the contents of child view controllers that contain UIScrollView and other derived classes so that it shows correctly beneath the bar:

Auto Insetting

If you are having issues with Automatic Insetting, please try the following steps…

0) Make sure you’re up to date

Ensure you’re using the latest release of Tabman.

1) Ensure it’s turned on

Make sure that auto insetting is enabled (it is by default).

.automaticallyAdjustsChildInsets = true

2) Check your constraints

If you are using a custom view controller (and not something like a UITableViewController), the way that your content scroll view is constrained to the superview is very important.

It is recommended that your UIScrollView is constrained directly to the superview, as shown below:

Auto Insetting

As you can see, the constraints for the UITableView are pinned to the superview rather than the topLayoutGuide or Safe Area.

Auto Insetting Constraints

3) Watch out for UIKit

Tabman will also handle any UIKit properties that require modifying in order to get a reliable insetting behaviour. As we’re providing a completely custom implementation, we disable a lot of the UIKit helper properties that would otherwise inset content correctly for system components such as a UITabBar.

Therefore, you shouldn’t need to modify or have any of the following in your view controller code:


Modifying these properties will more than likely cause issues with the auto insetting engine, so it is advised to remove any usages from your code.

4) Everything should be okay

By this point, you should have a beautifully insetted table view in your child view controller, otherwise 😭.

Next steps:

  1. It might be useful to use the numbers provided by bar.requiredInsets to manually inset your content. Depending on how successful this is will help with debugging.
  2. Raise an issue, and provide as much detail as you can about your layout and just what is going wrong.
  3. We’ll get on with fixing it as soon as possible 🤞.